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F1 hopes Miami brings needed lift to drab season

By Simon EVANS

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Drab indeed. Newey's move seems to be the last hope for making next season more interesting, though he is getting on and I wonder if he has one last great car in him.

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What a load of rubbish. No one says that it was drab when Lewis, Seb or Michael were dominating the sport over multiple seasons.

Red Bull have achieved a period of technical & sporting excellence like Mercedes did before, Red Bull again previously and before them Maclaren, Ferrari and Williams.

This "drab" nonsense is written by people who have no understanding of the sport and have come into it during the third season if Drive to Survive rather than being a seasoned enthusiast though the eras of people like Alain, Nelson, Nigel, Ayrton, Michael, Seb, Kimi, Juan Pablo, Mika, et al.

Same people that assume a "Murray Walker" is either a whisky cocktail or an old persons mobility aid.

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I've been watching it since Jochen Rindt, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and Emerson Fittipaldi were drivers and champs. And Lotus and Tyrrell were big teams. The most exciting years were not processions. But, hey, it is just opinion in the end. No need to disparage those who don't agree, eh?

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Has to be the dumbest "sport" on the planet. Each year, one team has an unfair advantage and faster car than the others and everyone gushes over how great the driver is. Put that driver in another car, and he becomes mediocre. Thus Alonso, Hamilton etc are mediocre after previously been the "greatest" of all time. No other sport has such lack of competitiveness built in. Imagine football, if one team had a goal size larger than the other team......no one would watch...

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