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F1 set for high-speed race, days after fireball and without Hamilton


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I didn't see the race at the weekend, but I did see the crash on Youtube, it was horrendous, It just goes to show how technology had advanced over the last decade, if this crash had happened in 80-90's the out come would have been totally different, the research and development does filter down to the normal car eventually making cars safer for us.

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The authorities there have named that spot 'Romain Grosjean's Miracle', and that section will be in use again this weekend as part of the faster outer-perimeter track, which cuts out the inner-field squiggly sections.

Less than a minute to get round, and being called an 'oval', but I am sure that Lewis would have loved to try his hand at this high-speed circuit layout.

Plenty of interest from this evening onwards. I use a streaming service which costs less than 2,000 a month, but the (generally knowledgeable, but sometimes irritatingly obtuse) 2-man commentary is in Japanese.

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Edit, JPY 2,000 a month.

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Lewis has the virus but miraculously will be back in the driving seat in a couple of weeks...


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Today's HUGE news is that George Russell stepped into Lewis's shoes, er, car yesterday, and almost stole the show!

In Free Practices 1 and 2 last night he got P1 each time. Whether this will continue or not is anyone's guess, but we'll see in qualifying tonight and in the race tomorrow. What can be said however, is that Bottas is now very much on the back foot.

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