Fan misbehavior on rise in English soccer, government says


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That is not a new phenomenon. Soccer has always attracted violent and racists fans. I would say more so than any other sport because of its large international appeal and popularity.

Did not the term "soccer hooligan" begin in Europe (UK)?

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Soccer is an American term so I highly doubt it originated in Europe.

Though Soccer is a popular name for the sport in the US it actually originated in the UK.

Association football was shortened to "assoccer" as Rugby football was shortened to "rugger".

From assoccer it became soccer.

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I just hope the English - and ALL - Soccer fans behave themselves in Qatar. Lets all hope they dont get on the beers there (a handful of hotels will apparently serve alcohol) and racially taunt or attack other fans - as they did to the poor Italians last year in Wembley where several were chased and set upon by furious Three-Lions fans after their team's loss. I'm not sure how patient the Qatari police will be with drunken hooliganism. I doubt they would stand by and let them run amok like the English security last year inside Wembley.

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I'm hoping the absolute worst for the whole "bought and paid for" tournament and the Qatari hosts. Come on hooligans...Do your best! And to balance it out a few LGBTQ protests during the matches.

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