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Fans celebrate Japanese figure skating star Hanyu's marriage


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I thought he was gay. Where did he marry?

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That's very presumptive of you @Moonraker. Never seen that printed anywhere. Or is that just some old fashioned belief that ice skaters must be 'gay'? Perhaps he likes to keep his private life exactly that.

Brush up on your social skills.

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I thought so too he's gay.

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He did not provide details of his partner.

He has made no secret of his gayness.... So either he got "married" overseas or his "marriage" is not really recognized in Japan.

Either way, good luck to him, he seems like a genuinely nice person. I know, rare praise from Mr Kipling.

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Exceedingly good praise, Sir.

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If he is gay, he can be married in Tokyo, which has same-sex marriage certificates. But is he really gay? Incidentally, gokai is totally gay. I think I would have heard something.

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Gay or not, he’s one of the finest skaters in the world.

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I thought he was gay. Where did he marry?

Could be a beard. Elton John married a woman once remember

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Where is the photo of his bride???? Best wishes for their happiness.

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Deliberate omission of the lovely other half? Are we to just guess?

“ Not that there’s anything wrong with that! “ Seinfeld

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So many prejudiced people in the comments.

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お目出度う, omedetou gozaimasu!

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Mr Kipling Today  06:11 pm JST

He has made no secret of his gayness....

According to this link, Hanyu himself says he's straight.


So I don't know where you're getting "no secret of his gayness" from.

Is it because he comes across as kind of effeminate? If so, what a tired stereotype. I've known more than a few effeminate guys in my life who were straight as an arrow.

Or, maybe some people want him to be gay, in the hopes of gaining another "ally" or "showpiece" in the advancement of the LGBTQWXYZ agenda.

Well, sorry. Seems Hanyu isn't. The young man's probably had women chasing him for several years now. Probably could have had any woman he wanted.

Best wishes to him and his bride.

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Gay? Not gay? Who cares, what's it got to do with you? Get over it.


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