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Fans or no fans? Tokyo Olympic organizers still mum


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No fans would be ideal but, To cancel the Olympic more ideal to me.

Lives more important than the Olympic.

Olympic can be held again but, Lost lives will never come back..

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Fans or no fans? Tokyo Olympic organizers still mum

It should be games or no games, that they really consider.

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It's such a mess, remember it's all about the cash so it's not such a problem. The leaping Atherletes were never the focus. It's all about the money and that's becoming more obvious every week.

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As Bach said, the IOC is in the business of "organizing the games, not cancelling the games". They are the ones to consult for a serious discussion about whether it should go ahead.

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If these games go ahead with fans present, Tokyo 2020/21 will always be known as the "Super Spreader Games".

Agree with above commenter, no games is the most ideal.

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Cancel anything connected with Mori. That old guy is the epitome of entitlement, greed and buffoonery that does this country no favours. It's as if he's trying to steal millions to place in his coffin. Retire yourself and the games already.

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TOKYO - One of the biggest unanswered questions about the Tokyo Olympics deals with fans.

I beg to differ. The biggest unanswered question is "why" are they trying to put on the Olympics this year?!?

I personally love the Summer Olympics and was really looking forward to the 2020 Olympics because Baseball and Women Softball was returning. But that alone is not enough to where I feel they should try and force the Olympics to happen on 2021 or 2022 for that matter. I say wait for 2024.

I understand that the Olympics is a big deal for a lot of countries (especially when you are selected to be the host country) and I really feel for many of the athletes, especially for those where this was to be their last, but it's not the end of the world if it was cancelled. Life would go on...

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Decisions on hosting the Olympics should be made by a national referendum not controlled by Dentsu.

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Remember that Mori was the Prime Minister for less than 2 weeks. He got indicted in a record time.

Mori is a Rocket man, bursting records wherever he goes.

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Surely the IOC have made enough money from the last 5-6 Olympics that they could tighten their belts and waive this one?

The greed of these Lords of the Rings grows stronger every day...

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Just make Mori do all the events on his own.

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No talk of refunds for those who have already bought tickets and will unable to attend.

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Is not Japan a sovereign country? Have not 80% of polled civilians said no to the Olympics? How dare the Bacha idiot tell and demand that the Olympics will go on. Shameful and unbelievable!

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It seems the Japanese government and the IOC are adamant on holding the Olympics no matter what anyone else thinks, even the people of Japan. Other countries playing along with things like Australia going to vaccinate its athletes. But it is still too early to know. The new variants are now spreading worldwide, including within Japan, and new waves and worse to come is quite possible, especially as the new variants seem more resilient, if not even fully resilient to the current vaccines. The virus might have something to say about the Olympics despite what More, Muto and Bach dictate.

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It should've cancelled it to 2024 n Paris to 2028 on compromise..The pandemic will be here.Not a safe Olympic without the spectators.

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One of the biggest unanswered questions about the Tokyo Olympics deals with fans.

I think at this point they need to seriously consider the possibility that the Olympics are becoming so unpopular among the public that even if they decide to allow fans in they still might end up with no fans showing up.

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They arent admitting it but they are banking on the vaccines to save this olympics

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Fans or no fans?

Sense or no sense?

Intelligence or no intelligence?

Clue or no clue?

Fraud or no fraud?

Yes or no?

Paper or plastic?

Smoking or non-smoking?

Cheeseburger or no cheese?

Slaps or punches?

Or how about:

Point or no point of even discussing the matter?

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“Everybody is hoping to be safe and secure,” Mori replied. “Nobody rides a train hoping to encounter an accident.”

Of course.

But seems nobody wants to ride this train

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Have not 80% of polled civilians said no to the Olympics?

A little more than 35% want cancellation.

A little less than 45% want postponement

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Wasting tax payers money knowing fully well about the losses to come plus endangering human lives??! Just to satisfy personal gains??!

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Got enough intensive care beds for the athlets ?????

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