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Fearless Butler confident of slaying 'Monster' Inoue


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pretty sure you figured it out already. What else could it be?

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How? Vomiting? Bathroom? Does anyone who knows more about boxing than I do know?

A 2 hour sauna most likely - the same method as jockeys use. Plus laxatives. These tiny 53kg guys could be good jockeys actually!

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That would do it, but the article said he returned "minutes" later. I know how fighters usually cut to make weight, but not in minutes. I suppose it depends on how much over the weight he was at first weigh-in.

And how many minutes. Could have been 30. That's enough time for a jog in a garbage bag.

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How? Vomiting? Bathroom? Does anyone who knows more about boxing than I do know?

Maybe an enema. I read once that we have ALOT of undigested food in our stomachs- ESPECIALLY red meat.

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I look forward to this featherweight rumble!

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One would assume when referring to minutes it would be less than a few minutes or the person would stated In general conversation. EG. A few, less than five, more than two. After a few minutes it is in increments of five minutes, ten 1/4 1/2 and 3/4. So I assume it seem to the reporter it was under two minutes. As for weight lost in that estimate time. He could have did several options. Taken off his underwear, boots, hair gel plus sock all had up. I have also see blatant cheating were a towel is used for privacy held by two people either side of the scale while the person use the towel to show less weight than fact.

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It only takes a minute or two to adjust the scales.

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How? Vomiting? Bathroom? Does anyone who knows more about boxing than I do know?

It was only 30 gram (1 ounce, or 2 tablespoons) over weight. Spitting will do.

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People....' War is ugly '. I think its fair to say that Technologically humans have advance exponentially over the years but psychologically humans have not advanced for 1000s upon 1000s of years. We still think that killing our own species will sort out our problems....DOH !!!!

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Go Nippon! Best the smelly western beast!

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