Babe Ruth with young Japanese baseball players (1934). Photo: Public domain

Japanese baseball, a 150-year journey of transformation

By Jim Allen

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No fun sport.

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NPB baseball in japan is great. If you haven't been to a game, I highly recommend.

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cool pic.

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Funny Pic the Babes hat doesn't fit his head. Just looking at the pic it looks photo shoped!!! I could be wrong though!

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the Babes hat doesn't fit his head

It looks like he swapped it with the kid next to him.

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Randy Johnson

NPB baseball in japan is great. If you haven't been to a game, I highly recommend.

Especially at Koshien. Great old ballpark. Full of tradition and the ghosts of baseball past. Like Fenway or Wrigley in the US.

Love the food. And the beer on tap at your seat. All at reasonable prices compared to the highway robbery at US ballparks.

And the audience participation singing each player's theme song, and the noise makers, and the balloons, and the cheerleaders, and the mascots. Although, I haven't been since Covid. I imagine the cheering is more subdued currently, due to yelling and such being discouraged.

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Going to see a game live and participating in the audience action is by far the best part about baseball. Playing it CAN be fun, too, but otherwise watching it is mostly like watching the grass grow in that sad little dirt park in the Chome near you. Well... high school baseball is a bit more fun to watch because it is more pure -- the kids are playing for the game, not for the money (yet).

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