Federer beats Nadal in 5 sets to win Australian Open


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Federer must be considered the GOAT thus far for this many Grand Slams over this span of time. Might now be time for him to step back and drop the mike.

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Drop the mike ? Your meaning escapes me. Thanks, Fed and Rafa, for a magnificent and stunning display of the game you both love so much ! The match DID NOT disappoint ! It was a sustained battle of attrition that, unfortunately some- one had to lose. Roger, the legend just grows. In your 100th AO match, you redefined the word "possible". After spending six months away from the game and roughly seven years passing between Grad Slam singles titles, you once again proved that you ARE the GREATEST of ALL TIME ! Keep on keeping on, the game needs BOTH you and Rafa ! Love the game ! See you in Roland Garros at the end of May !

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Epic! Hats off to you Roger!

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Federer must be wondering whether he should have had more extended breaks since his previous grand slam event victory. It might have been what he needed.

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Drop the mike ? Your meaning escapes me

He means microphone and this is what Kobe Bryant did after he retired from the NBA.

After he drops the mic, he needs to say "Fed Out".

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A great day for tennis and great for both men to complete comebacks.

Andy Roddick out with comments about the long layoffs by Roger and Rafa have enjoyed as indicating what ought be done for the longevity of the players. Could not agree more.

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Drop the mike ? Your meaning escapes me.

When a performer or speaker intentionally drops/throws the microphone on the floor after an awesome performance.

sorry bad spelling on my part.

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