Federer climbs to 6th in tennis rankings; Nishikori 4th


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The gap between the pack and Nos. 1 and 2 is still enormous. Federer being as in-form as he has been, plus Nadal being healthier, could help bridge that gap a bit in the months to come. These are dramatic and interesting times atop the men's race.

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Way to go, Fed ! Nice move. See you in Miami ! Gotta love tennis !

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A lucky break for the golden boy Nishikori.

He's ranked top 4, and seeded 2nd in Miami, but on recent form he's top 8 at best.

Chances are he'll be ranked top 8 after Miami ends, as he has to make the final again this year just to maintain his current ranking points.

That said, he likes the Miami conditions relative to places like Indian Wells. Us golden boy fans have our fingers crossed for another good showing. And who could thumb down a fan for that much?

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Kei-san is used to the Miami climate. He spent his early days at the Nick Boliteri (sp?) Tennis Academy in Florida. Ganbarre, Kei-san !

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