FIFA 'inundated' with 17 million requests for World Cup tickets


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I hope to get rehired with my previous employer in time to see some games. The

stadium is next to the Vallagio Mall.

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The cheapest final tickets for international fans are 2,200 riyals ($600), about a third more expensive than last time and some fan groups have complained about the prices.

We desperately need an alternative to THIEFA. They are supposed to be a non-profit association.

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Work cup, soccer, really??


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I have about as much enthusiasm for the World Cup as I do for the Olympics. That is, none.

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Hello FiFA?? Apart from Denmark, the UK and a couple of other places, the rest of the world are still in the middle of a pandemic!

So can fans who get a ticket via lottery whom have been vaccinated with non American vaccines freely attend? And for those with American vaccines, how many jabs will they need?

And what about getting there?

These things need to be made clear FIFA!

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Interesting credit under the picture:

"Photo: Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy/AFP"

Reads like it's from China or North Korea.

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The corrupt and dirty FIFA World Cup mafia??..

No thanks..

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Corruption at it's very best?

I wonder just how much was paid to whom to get the right to his this event.

It's the real fans who will miss out but Fifa doesn't care about them.

But can't wait for the English fans to teach the locals about hooliganism...

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I wonder just how much was paid to whom to get the right to his this event.

Well we could start with the cozy relationship between France and Qatar. Platini intended to back the US bid, but after a cozy meeting with Sarkozy and the Emir of Qatar he had a 'change of heart'.

France landed a bagful of Qatari contracts, PSG got tuned up with a billion dollars, Platini changed his vote and Qatar got the World Cup. Platini (one of my footballing heroes as a kid) is currently serving a 7-year ethics violations ban, until 2023, along with his mental chum Blatter.

I imagine other countries were turned for much less. The whole FIFA World Cup bidding process has been mired in dirt for decades. And we wonder why the top clubs of Europe wanted to form their own Super League to get away from rotten origanizations like UEFA.

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