Russia suspended from all international soccer


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Common sense prevails.

a shame the IOC didn’t have the cahoonas to do the same

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Sad for the athletes, and everyday Russians who I am sure mostly don’t approve of the invasion of Ukraine, but it’s this type of punishment on every day Russians that can lead to an internal uprising which is the only way they will get rid of Putin in their own country.

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Good news, and the only reasonable response to Russia's war of terror and invasion of Ukraine.

If only rogue sports bodies like the Olympic movement had some morals like this. There should always be severe consequences for pariah states.

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Principled ethical stand from organisations not usually associated with principles or ethics, such as FIFA and the IOC. Of course the measures don’t go far enough, and outright bans on Russian teams and individual sportspeople will have to follow. Sporting sanctions are a very effective way of hitting someone where it hurts.

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In addition to being expelled from international football.

The IIHF have expelled Russia & Belarus from all international ice hockey World Championship tournaments (Senior mens & womens and Junior boys & girls) for the foreseeable future and they have also stripped Russia from hosting the 2023 World Junior Championship!

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Seems like the Ruskies have kicked an own goal.

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Football is only a minority. Don't think sanction is a big deal.

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So much about keeping sports and Olympics neutral, open for everyone and out of political interests. ROFL No problem, just make two leagues, one for Western or capitalistic countries, one for the rest. There are also already some sports or other competitions with many similar parallel leagues, boxing, wrestling, miss contests and so on for example. It’s anyway only a problem for very hard fans when less events or the teams and big event managers when there’s less profit. Not a big decisive issue…

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The Good Russians may get angry and stand up to Puty. I hope so anyway.

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Just 4 years after 2018 when Russia debuted as FIFA World Cup host, they won't even make it to this year's World Cup, lol

Football is the biggest sport in the world. UEFA is the biggest league. Russian teams would lose a lot being excluded, including financially. Nobody with high aspirations would want to play in Russia where they can't play against the best

And the Beijing Paralympics is still upcoming in a few days - can't have a nation's athletes put up with another nation's athletes who are invading their nation

There are top Russian athletes against the war in Ukraine:

"Prominent Russian athletes like Andrey Rublev and Nikita Zadorov speak out against war with Ukraine"

Andrey Rublev wrote ‘No war please’ on a TV camera, a week after winning a doubles tennis title with Ukrainian Denys Molachov

Russian athletes are promoting an anti-war message after the invasion of Ukraine, including one of Vladimir Putin’s most visible supporters

From new world tennis No 1 Daniil Medvedev to ice hockey star Alex Ovechkin, some of the country’s most prominent sportsmen and women have spoken out against the action taken by Putin.

Medvedev reached the pinnacle of men’s tennis when he became the ATP’s world number one on Monday, but what should have been a day of pride for Russian sport has been engulfed by the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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"Russia-Ukraine war: Which sporting bodies have banned Russia? - Sporting bodies around the world move to bar Russian athletes from competing in international events."

Judo - The International Judo Federation (IJF) suspended Russian President Vladimir Putin as its honorary president. Putin, an accomplished judoka who was awarded an eighth dan in 2014 – one of the highest levels in the sport – had held the post since 2008. The IJF also said it cancelled the 2022 Gran Slam in the Russian city of Kazan, planned to be held from May 20 to 22.

The International Olympic Committee urged sports federations and organisers to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from international events. A ban of this kind would see Russia join Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milosevic and South Africa under apartheid rule as major sporting pariahs.

Formula One - The Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for September 25, was cancelled, a day after defending world champion Max Verstappen and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel publicly declared their opposition to driving in the race.

Swimming - Swimming’s global governing body FINA called off the World Junior Swimming Championships that were to take place in Kazan (23 to 28 August). FINA also withdrew the order it awarded Putin in 2014.

Rugby - Rugby’s world governing body banned Russia and Belarus from all international rugby “until further notice”. Russia’s membership in World Rugby was also suspended indefinitely, meaning its slim hopes of qualifying for next year’s World Cup in France are over.

Ukraine’s Elina Svitolina is the first tennis player to refuse to compete against a Russian athlete – she had been due to face Russian Anastasia Potapova in Monterrey on Tuesday. The former world number three said she would not face opponents from Russia or Belarus.

"I do not blame any of the Russian athletes,” she wrote. “They are not responsible for the invasion of our motherland. Moreover, I wish to pay tribute to all the players, especially Russians and Belarusians, who bravely stated their position against the war. Accordingly, I want to announce that I will not play tomorrow in Monterrey, nor any other match against Russian or Belarussian tennis players until our organizations take this necessary decision."

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I feel sorry for the athletes who trained hard, now they should take that same intensity that they put in for training and kick the crap out of Putin! Kick that little shiat for a field goal!!

“I feel sorry for my boys," said Russia coach Valery Karpin. "They were dreaming about playing at the World Cup. Now their hope is gone.”

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The Russisans really need to rise up and overthrow Putin. He's going to end up being responsible for millions of Russian deaths by starvation in the winter. He's killing his own people, and sending them to death in the Ukraine.

Better to die saving your people, than executing a dictators actions. When he orders you to Ukraine, head to the Kremlin.

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