FIFA not considering changes to 2022 World Cup to avoid heat in Qatar


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FIFA is corrupt and should be scrapped and a new organisation put in place. I'm sure they'll be corrupt too but not as bad as what we have now.

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It won't matter because few people will attend anyway.

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42.9 Billion for a country with a million people or so? Woah. That's a lotta chedda. It's 9 years away, anyway. Enough with all the whining. Arabs love soccer, too, and they know how to play the "sway-vote" game. England should stop worrying about FIFA and think about getting a world-class team on the field.

If there are any changes needed, it should be the nickname "Socceroos". Yuck.

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“I personally watched the BBC Panorama program and so I missed the Real-Barcelona game, which I had to watch a recording of afterward. I would have been better off watching Real-Barca.”

And without realising it, Jerome Valcke shoots himself and FIFA right in the foot. Instead of being concerned with allegations of corruption within his own organisation, and instead of going out and watching a local game or supporting a lower division match, he is only concerned about watching two super-rich giants of football who snap up all the best players and pay ridiculous salaries.

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Of course FIFA is not considering to move the 2022 WC to winter. They chose Qatar themselves so they knew about the conditions there in summer.

What I DON'T understand is that certain posters here seem to have a crystal ball or something and already know (better, pretend to know) far in advance that only few people will attend. I just wonder what those bold statements are based on. Knowledge? Nahhhhh!!!

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I think it's kind of backwards to rely on cooling systems and whatnot to fight the summer heat in Qatar. Not eco either, lol. Go to Siberia, for crying out loud.

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lol, this is hilarious. From a quick google search I get: "Hottest average temperatures in Qatar peak at around 41 Celsius in June and July. Of course, that doesn’t reflect what it is really like to be out in the sun in the middle of the day when temperatures can reach or pass 50 degrees Celsius." "

Nice plan FIFA. What a bunch of fools.

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Won`t be going.

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Just one more example of how political correctness and "multiculturalism" actively makes people, organizations, nations and entire civilizations dumber and dumber, to the point of auto-suicide.

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