FIFA says opponents of 2-year World Cup fear losing top spot


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Tone-deaf money-grubber Infantino is so bedazzled by the $$$ in his eyes that he can’t see the fact that much of the opposition to a reduced-status World Cup is coming from fans of the game, not national football bodies - also, exactly how is a World Cup every two years, rather than four, going to improve the chances of African nations, to gain whose support this speech was so obviously crafted? When it comes to corruption and vote-buying, FIFA ranks right up there with the IOC for any trophy.

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Problem is the smaller federations have as much voting right as UEFA, when clearly the big nations have got enough competition, while outside of Europe countries are waiting four years for a day in the sun. Truth be told I don't really want to see England destroy Jamaica or UAE more regularly than every four years. It's special because there are so few tournaments. Less is more, they've already diluted the quality by making it a 50+ team tournament..

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