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Best still to come in World Cup after shocks galore


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Kind of strange and boring WC with many superteams out. Namely Italy from the tournament and Germany, Uruguay and Belgium out in group stage.

I support the Oz's aside from Japan though they have a difficult test with Argentina.

That said, I maintain that hosting the WC in Qatar is shameful.

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That said, I maintain that hosting the WC in Qatar is shameful.

I agree. But despite the horrible and corrupt decision to hold it in Qatar, the best players in the world are turning on some great football!

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I like how they say Brazil will cruise past South Korea. Yeah, there's a good chance of that, but Spain and Germany were supposed to cruise past Japan, and Japan was supposed to womp Costa Rica. Certainly South Korea was not expected to beat Portugal. My point is that there have been a lot of "upsets", as the article points out, so I'm not sure why so definitive. Likewise, a lot of people are already siding up who Japan will face next after Croatia before the game has even begun. I'm obliged to think Japan will win, but then I thought so against Costa Rica.

Perhaps we should all just stop assuming and start watching for the fun of it.

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Argentina have their hands full with a confident and committed Australian team that has nothing to lose. They are favorites to win but in the WC anything can happen. You do not make the final 16 by chance, but through good consistent play. I hope the game is tight, exciting and entertaining. And I hope Australia causes another upset. It is time a new team won the WC.

Dare to dream.

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Best still to come in World Cup after shocks galore

This assumption might be incorrect. Now we are entering the knockout stages, teams will be nervy, with the dreaded option of just hanging on and playing for penalties. It is unlikely we'll see anything as good as Saudi Arabia beating Argentina, Ghana getting revenge over Suarez, Japan being Germany and Spain, S Korea qualifying in the last minute. the Cameroon guy getting sent off for celebrating a winning goal against Brazil.

It would be nice to see real ding-dong battles and teams playing on the front foot, but it's not usually what gets served up. The stakes are too high for lots of risk taking.

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All have to play to win.

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