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Cheshmi's late goal gives Iran to 2-0 win over Wales


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Well played Iran. They took a lot of criticism after the England game. But those of us who watch Asian football know they are a very good team, with a solid defense- usually.

Gaffer Queiroz has Team Melli primed, and ready to get that R16 spot. They will need a draw with USA to ensure it.

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The Welsh goalkeepers "challenge" that got him sent off was a cracker. Bruce Lee would have been proud.

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Hennessey's challenge wasn't quite as bad as Schumacher on Battiston, but it was dangerous. And daft. Definite red. Surprised it needed VAR. It gave Iran - who played better than Wales - the extra space to win it. Not sure whether they kept Bale quiet or he had an off day. Wales played much better in the second half v. the USA. Carlos Queiroz presumably took note of that performance when preparing his tactics. I thought Jahanbakhsh's yellow card was a bit harsh, ruling him out v. the US. Premiership viewers will recall his memorable goals for Brighton.

It was a cracking game. Very tight. It can't be easy being an Iranian footballer. They may have family at home, vulnerable to state threats for any protest. Hopefully their success will help protect them.

This group is not a done deal yet.

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Team Melli footballers are doing justice to their enormous potential. Professor Carlos Queiroz and his Persian forces are giving joy to their fans. Gareth Bale and his Dragons will need to do something special to tame the 3 Lions. There is lot more life left in this group of death.

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Hennessy is a nut job. Recall when he was at Palace he was photographed doing a Nazi salut and mimicking a Hitler mustache. He was found nit guilty by FA because they were persuaded he couldn’t be doing that as he’d never heard of or knew about Nazi Germany and Hitler.

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