fifa world cup 2022

France's Frappart to be first woman referee at men's World Cup


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Unfortunate that this deserved recognition from the referees is done under the context of deep systematic discrimination of women in Qatar

Women continued to face discrimination in law and practice. Under the guardianship system, women remained tied to their male guardian, usually their father, brother, grandfather or uncle, or for married women, to their husband. Women continued to need their guardian’s permission for key life decisions to marry, study abroad on government scholarships, work in many government jobs, travel abroad until certain ages, and receive some forms of reproductive healthcare.

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@virusrex, I don't think it's at all unfortunate, as you say, that she's front and centre as a qualified referee in Qatar. I think it's quite the opposite - it could be considered an 'in-you-face slap' to the host country and a true inspiration to Qatari women.

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WOW will she have to cover up?

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Very good for that, it's ok a woman refereeing a game men playing...

But I wonder, men can referee a women's game in a world cup, what would feminism say "damn patriarchy!!"

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