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German bars boycott 'unacceptable' Qatar World Cup


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Noble purpose, but unwise business decision.

Other bars will be raking it in.

It's only once every four years and usually such a joyous and exciting time.

It's a shame he could not think of another way to protest.

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All this virtue signalling. The time for protest and action was when the games were first awarded to Qatar… when something could have been done about it. But nobody joined forces and shouted loud enough for something to have been done.

so now we have it. Might as well enjoy it?

ok… close your bar to footy fans. Your competition will thank you. Your virtue signalling while commendable today will be forgotten about tomorrow. But you will still be losing money.

as Wellington says… not a smart business decision.

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One bar is doing this


Fargo is one of dozens of bars across Germany, including several in the capital of Berlin, which have pledged to boycott what is normally a showpiece event in the soccer-mad nation.

Definitely a plural in there.


Maybe he sincerely dislikes the disgusting treatment of migrant workers and LGBT people and is prepared to lose money over it. Put his money where his mouth is.

I’d take that over easy dismissals of this as ‘virtue-signaling’. Do you also find his t-shirt ‘woke’?

I’d drop in for a drink. Sounds like a good lad.

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yeah. Enjoy your Guinness during the human rights seminar.

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Btw… step off your horse about the bad treatment of the migrant workers. Where’d you get your info from… wiki?

sure the living conditions are bad. Ever watched Auf Wiedersehen, Pet?

the worker accept those conditions because it sends more money back home to their families. Real men doing a tough and dangerous job for the love of their family. Being a proud Irishman whose family has, and is, doing the same, I can speak from experience. Takes courage and sacrifice to go abroad for work. They and I wouldn’t do it if it were not a financially viable option.

As for cutting cost for safety. Well that’s another matter altogether.

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Enjoy your Guinness during the human rights seminar

Far better beers to enjoy in Germany although I’m typically more of a Scotch man.

I don’t fancy the lecture myself but I’m guessing it won’t be played on a loop.

Anyway, I often have a bit of time for people who put their money where their mouths are.

I think we both dislike virtue-signalers. I find the very patriotic and the sanctimonious religious types to be the worst offenders.

This is much better than listening to those types.

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this world cup will be same fiasco like so called Tokyo olympics...

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When they awarded the WC to Qatar a few years was the time to protest and raise up a fuss against FIFA for their decision. I raised up a loud WTF to my friends and wife when it was announced.

People knew that this country was notoriously strict and backward when it came to these rights that these last second boycotters bemoan do not exist in this faraway country.

FIFA and Qatar are still going to get their money. The time to make an impact, raise a ruckus and to demand change was a few years ago.

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If governments were consistent with their policies about tolerance and inclusion national teams would be the ones boycotting the cup, not just some bars. I guess this helped making evident the actual priorities those governments have.

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Another sample of ‘wokeness’ and useless attacks or sacrifices on oneself and own business because of some ‘higher’ but in fact only self-announced moral or ethics or political opinions.

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Boycotting Qatar is the right thing to do.

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A reporter was arrested yesterday in Qatar for taking photos.

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Another sample of ‘wokeness’ and useless attacks or sacrifices on oneself and own business because of some ‘higher’ but in fact only self-announced moral or ethics or political opinions

I’m against treating workers like crap and throwing LGBT people in jail. Does that make me ‘woke’? Is anyone here in favour of these things? What’s the description of people who are?

Do you have any ethics or political opinions? I have some. I don’t think Ive met anyone who hasn’t. I certainly would t like to.

Are there any circumstances where you would boycott an event, product or service?



Good health mate.

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Doesn’t make you woke bud. But I think everyone realizes that the people who had the power to do something did nothing.

all those politicians and Hollywood types…. Pft.

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The Qatar crown has banned the sale of all alcohol at the stadiums. Qatari officials have decided that the only drinks that will be on sale to fans at stadiums during the monthlong World Cup will be nonalcoholic.

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