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fifa world cup 2022

Gvardiol shines as Croatia wins 3rd-place match


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A young player with a bright future. But even he with his youth, speed and size advantages was no match for Leo Messi. The GOAT.

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Looks like the African team ran out of steam at the end of their campaign. They tried their best, but were no match for the skill and experience of a team from Europe.

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"They tried their best, but were no match for the skill and experience of a team from Europe."


Most of them were born and raised in France; others in Belgium, and Spain.

Even Canada!

Very few are actually "made in" Morocco, therefore....

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The 1st 10 minutes were great, if you like set-piece scoring.

In the last 15 minutes, players were being pulled out on both sides for reasons I missed, looked like they just wanted everyone to touch the field.

There's something in Croatia culture and opportunity to provide so many great players in such a small population country.

Both teams made passing mistakes that surprised me at this level of play. Still it was fun to watch.

Hope the ARG/FRA match is as much fun.

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That was good to watch. Both teams really went for it.

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No team wants to be third except when they are.

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Football is the winner. “Little Pep”, Jamal Musiala, Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, Jérémy Doku, Gonçalo Matias Ramos, Vinicius Jr and other such young international football stars have displayed readiness to take the Beautiful Game to the next level.

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There seems to be an absence of violence after these Games, I wonder whether alcohol sales within the area of Stadiums should be banned for all future matches ?

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