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Japan aims for World Cup knockout stage against Costa Rica


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Fans feel the Blue Samurais are the dark horses in the Qatar festivities. Going beyond 16 is highly achievable.

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I know what my nephew will be doing tonight. He'll definitely be watching.

He's a real soccer otaku. He even does soccer cosplay, where he gets all dressed up in a soccer costume with a bunch of other soccer cosplayers. They divide into "teams", and kick a ball around, trying to score goals and stuff.

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There are gonna be some very sore heads in the offices and factories of Japan on Monday morning!

Good luck Moriyasu-Japan! Get that R16 spot and keep fighting. I have a feeling non-stop Daizen will pop up for a goal or two tonight!

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Four of the five nations representing the Asian confederation have wins on the board, and South Korea a draw. Japan, if it wins against Costa Rica will be in a good position and if Spain beats Germany they will be assured to progress. If Germany beats Spain then it may come down to goal difference if Spain beats Japan and Germany beats Costa Rica.

All Japan can do is keep winning. Exciting times at the world cup.

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( a 1-0 victory is more than enough today; Spain is gonna win against Germany and Japan will meet Spain without any pressure, which is great; (of course being 1st in the group is better than being 2nd but that’s a different kind of pressure) )

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I couldn't endure the commentators last time, so I am turning off the sound for sure this time. Hope it's a good game, regardless of who wins.

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Japan won one preliminary game and the whole place has gone crazy. Costa Rica is going to be a very tough game and if they lose it’s all over for Japan.

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Just gave everyone a thumbs-up, and I don't even particularly like soccer. But I remember, when being stuck on a one-lane road in the mountains of Costa Rica, that everyone hopped out of their cars to pass soccer balls around. The country may be tiny, but their passion for soccer is huge.

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Pride comes before a fall.

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Come on Costa Rica! :D

Not much chance of Costa Rica getting anything, but fellow minnows Japan have won before, so you never know

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I couldn't endure the commentators last time


I don't miss watching live sport at all in Japan. The shocking bias, rudeness and sore loser behaviour was embarrassing. Sounds like nothing has changed.

I think Japan are going to win, so keep that volume off.

Imagine how unbearable it would be if Japan ever won anything. Thankfully that won't happen.

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If you live in an area that doesn't broadcast TV Asahi on terrestrial

On-line here, give it time to load

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Well that first half was like watching paint dry.

Dont take this for granted Japan!

That was Germanys mistake last week.

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Love seeing all those maskless Japanese faces in the stands cheering their team. Makes me miss how exciting live events can be. !!

Indeed. I'm glad to see the occasional Japanese support and soccer helper wearing masks. Bet all are up to date with boosters too.

cant wait to flood Shibuya tonight after Japan beats Costa Rica!

you wish.

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I would like to know why Kubo isn’t playing; he started against Germany and he pretty much didn’t show up, but that’s because Germany didn’t let Japan have the ball because, there it is, they’re a much stronger team than Japan; but today(?), today’s the perfect match for Kubo: a weaker opponent and a lot more spaces; Japan could be winning by now(!); huge mistake, Moriyasu.

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Nice goal CR. This should get interesting.

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Japanese keeper should have kept that shot out. Terrible goalkeeping.

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Well that went down like a bucket of sick.

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How big was Japan's 2-1 upset of Germany in the opening round of the World Cup?


How big was Japan's 1-0 loss to Costa Rica in the second round of the World Cup?


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Well that was unexpected. Slow game, both teams can do much better.

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