fifa world cup 2022

Qatar hit by unprecedented World Cup attacks, says emir

By Tim Witcher

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Too bad I didn’t get that other contract in Qatar, that would have been nice.

Hello Jordan. See you on the beach there

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The emir also said the World Cup was a chance for Qatar to show "who we are, not only in terms of the strength of our economy and institutions, but also in terms of our civilizational identity.

The treatment of LGBT people doesn’t sound civilised at all.

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Qatar is not democracy at all.

Foreigners rights,freedom of speech,religion just to be short.Notorious slavery for fore foreign workers.

World Cup I pass zero interest.

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Big international events always make people suddenly aware of all the things your country does well and bad, even if they can’t find it on a map.

you kind of ask for it when doing these events.

That said, the Emir ain’t wrong, there is nothing but a massive double standard mixed with good old fashioned racism glazed over these things when talking about other countries as if they are “lesser” than others because they do things different or “it’s -insert year- why do they do this” comments.

would it be great if they treated LGBT+ and whoever else better? Yeah, but literally none of the countries pointing it out can act like they do it that much better.

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These protestors are like the missionaries of 400 years ago in Japan, trying to impose their values under the assumption of moral superiority. Nowadays, people who think that every social injustice, no matter how niche, needs to be solved prior to doing anything. You just need to shake your head and laugh. "Utopia (as defined by me) or nothing!" seems to be their motto.

As for me, I'm very much looking forward to the World Cup!

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I am more concerned about how Qatar "won" the rights to the world cup.

I think we all know. $$$$ But who got it?

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I think we all know. $$ But who got it?

Platini and his son, Sarkozy, PSG, Blatter.

Qatar gave Platini's son a top job, they gave billions to PSG, Sarkozy told Platini to change his vote from USA to Qatar to make that happen, Euro FIFA members changed their vote to Qatar upon Platini's insistence. This was decisive. Who knows what Blatter got, but he gave $2 million of it to Platini. Both of 'em are now banned and disgraced.

Qatar bought this World Cup via Sarkozy for a few billion.

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This will get a WHOLE LOT WORSE for players, spectators and the corrupt hosts.

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What Qatar did in the dark,will be brought out in the light,any publicity is good publicity,not if you are involved in rights violations activity

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Qatar was chosen to host the World Cup despite the place being way too hot and having neither any existing sport infrastructure nor much of a football culture. 90% of Qatari residents are not even citizens. Qatar won because it bribed.

One of the main reasons Qatar wanted the World Cup was to sanitize its image abroad, the same way the Saudis are hosting golf tournaments and rich Emiratis are buying football teams.

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Very well said Geo. The LGBT can go to Qatar and enjoy themselves. Just don't put try to force your ways on others and don't express yourselves while there. Problem solved. The LGBT always speaks about acceptance, that's not really what they want, they want to force their way on others. If they cannot accept Qatar's laws, don't go. Plain and simple.

Qatar was chosen by Fifa just like Japan was chosen by the IOC for the Olympics. Money, money, money. Nothing to do with the country or the sport.

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