fifa world cup 2022

Red alert: Fired-up Nagatomo fuels Japan at World Cup

By Andrew McKIRDY

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"The idea was that it's the red of the Japanese flag, and it also shows the passion of our players," Nagatomo explained.

What a creative thinker. His hair is an inspiration to the whole world.

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Love Nagatomo and his passion! J media are correct to call him the moodo meika.

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Be careful with the over-hyping ... a fall from grace, could be very saddening.

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Looks ginger too me!

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He wasn't very good against Germany. Neither was he any good in France or for FC Tokyo.

But he dyes his hair. Wow

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In Japan 19:00

If in UK 09:00 start 10:00 am

UK, you will need a "leak proof" VPN for ITV hub viewing.

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There are ways to watch without a VPN. The game starts at 7 pm.

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Friends, japanese too, want to watch and saviour the likes of itv world cup punditry.

But in Japan.

It takes a VPN with DNS leak protection tech, expensive for the provider. companies would have to invest with encrypted tunnel tech that will need constant review.

Not all my friends are fluent J speakers.

As my neighbours are not fluent English speakers but I don't giving my two penny worth.

Hope you enjoy.

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I can watch the game from Japan without using a VPN. I watch my club games all season that way. Just need to search online to find the right sites. But there are many to avoid.

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Not in Kochi you can't unless you have テレビ朝日 TV Asahi, we don't, neighbours either I understand it can be ordered.

We are watching on VPN ITV

Can watch it on....

Give it time to load

They like the bander stuff I have to translate.

It is the emotion

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Sorry wallace not barking just surprised that none of us have TV Asahi,

I have 30 or so friends and  neighbours packed in my lounge, half time 0-0.

They have gone out to get more beer and wine.

My fridge has been emptied.

The tide has gone out my cheapest wine.

All my home made chips have disappeared too.

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I don't have TV Asahi or a VPN and I'm watching it in Hyogo on FIFA1 in English. HT.

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If only his playing was as creative as his mouth.

Dying your hair… eh… whatever color that is supposed to be just draws even more attention to how crap you are.

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your link works very well too.

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Wallace all seem to like all the ITV pundit stuff.

The arguing at half time.

I think you can get 4k on TV Asahi,

The VPN is expensive to set up with ip provider to get full stream.

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Japan didn’t even field their strongest team to start with because they thought this was in the bag.

No Kubo or Asano. And insists on playing the little red haired girl because he shouts a lot….. hahaha.

fools. Imagine losing to the weakest team in the group.

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I don't have a 4K TV. Would have liked to see Minamino on from the start. Japan was a bit unlucky. Not sure what will happen next.

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I don't have a 4K TV.

That was wise after that display.

Nothing worse than failure in 4K.

The people here clapped their performance. and then cleaned up.

They said the team did their best.

I wanted to scream out loud.

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