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Top U.S. diplomat criticizes FIFA armband threat at World Cup


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It's time for FIFA to be cleansed of these corrupt people who are only interested in making rich people richer. It's time for football to be brought back to the people, for the people.

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Finding out that the kpop star Jungkook performed at the World Cup completely disgusted me. It was clear from the numerous boycotts that many people consider Qatar crossing a moral line in terms of racism, homophobia and misogyny.

The majority of those indentured labourers come from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia, including home markets like Indonesia and the Philippines. How is it acceptable to host and enjoy a sporting event built on the backs of racism, homophobia and misogyny?

And western tourists do routinely get harassed in Qatar. A British make-up artists was arrested during a flyover, an Emeriti gay man was jailed for several months, many LGBTQ migrant workers who didn't realise the true horror of Qatar have been arrested and jailed by Qatar authorities as well.

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How much hypocrisy of the FIFA mafia not allowing players to use arm bands to support the human rights of the LGBTI+ community violated in Qatar..

Very good for the protest of Germany and much better for the victory of Japan..

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This is the result of lukewarm opposition to Qatar treatment of minorities. Countries and teams that have declared in the past not to support discrimination willingly choose to do it with their presence in the cup, replacing real opposition with just a small sign such as the armband obviously is a terribly weak response that now has been also squashed.

For the next time the lesson is clear, if you want to oppose a discriminating country that is dead opposed to recognize the rights of some minorities then boycott the event they are making altogether (with all the costs from being true to what you are supposedly defending) or embrace the hypocrisy and say nothing at all.

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