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World Cup hits and misses


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French and Argentines excluded, which side will you be supporting for the Final ?

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I'll personally be cheering on the French for a couple of reasons:

We've fought a recent War with the Argies - and they still want to claim the Falklands as their own :|

We fought the French in the past, and we also fought the Spanish, but as Argentina is/was a Spanish Colony, and we've fought them too, that makes the French side the lessor of two Evils :D

The French Flag has the same Red, White and Blue colors as our own, so I guess that means they must be okay types of people... strange, but ok :D

The Argies cheated their win in 1986 against us - how can we ever forgive them that, and to call it an action of "the hand of God" - what an outrage too :|

So Good luck France!


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Should be a good game. I hope France win!

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So here we go!

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No they are added by the TV companies. Different channels different ads.


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The failure of England to beat the US was one of the biggest misses.

Mbappe, 23, is ready to take on his Paris Saint-Germain teammate's mantle as the best player in the world, looking unstoppable at times for defending champions France.

He is already there.

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The failure of England to beat the US was one of the biggest misses.

Yes but it can only be regarded as a failure if England were ever expected to win. Their fans, since 1966, have painfully learned that their teams have been entirely disappointing. Perhaps many were relieved by the draw.

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