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Fiji beats Japan 25-19 in Pacific Nations Cup


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First half looked good for the first 10 or so minutes like they were going to make a good game out of it, then the running fijians hit their straps and took the lead. Second half japan's handling let them down but fought hard to the very end and were pressing to get over the fijians line for the winning try, but again their hands let them down.

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I blame Eddie Jones. Get a new coach.

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Does Eddie jones speak Japanese?

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Does Eddie jones speak Japanese?

I believe he does reasonably well, his mum being Japanese. However he still uses the interpreter in interviews. Tight game it seems. always a tough challenge against those big Fijian boys - even the wingers are 110kg plus! Japan played better than those hacks impersonating an Australian sports team - the Wallabies who went down at home to Scotland!

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So long as they are called the "brave blossoms" they deserve to lose every game. And when a brave blossom loses... what does he become?

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Smith: totally agree. Flowers on a rugby field?

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totally disagree,irrelevant..who's scared of a wallaby ?Blossoms are fine- pansies, no..

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