Finland beats Denmark at Euro 2020 after Eriksen's collapse


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I was watching this game. Eriksen’s collapse was horrific. So glad he’s responding to treatment.

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Eriksen is an amazing player. It appears the defibrillator has saved his life. I Hope he recovers quickly. I've made lots of good drinking buddies from Denmark at International games. My thoughts are with them and Denmark..

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In fairness, the game should have been postponed. The Danish players were upset over Eriksen's collapse. He's awake and breathing.

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Both teams requested the game continue.

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Awful scenes, but so glad he is ok now!

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Life is a precious gift. Wishing Christian Eriksen a speedy recovery.

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Where can one watch the Euro hete in J-land ?

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Glad Eriksen is OK.

The Denmark 'penalty' was not a penalty. A penalty is a foul in the box. A tiny bit of contact in the box followed by a dive, a yell and some rolling around is not a penalty. It is cheating, and it is ruining the game.

VAR was not supposed to be a way for a second referee to support the pitch ref's rubbish decisions. It is supposed to correct them.

If the penalty hadn't been saved, I'd have turned off. I stop watching most games now when that sort of stuff happens.

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