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2020 Tokyo Olympic Games ticket sales open for Japan residents

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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If a local buys a final ticket they should be a qualifier half off or something like that so seats are filled

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Don't they show the games on TV?

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No thanks. I'm gonna be missing in action: far away as possible

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I hope our company allows full teleworking for these two months of madness....

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@Aly Rustom You're gonna miss out on all the crowds!

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@Aly Rustom You're gonna miss out on all the crowds!

That's the plan, my man!

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I'm going to be saving up my days off to make damn sure I'm well out of the way of this chaos. I'm going to be paying for it for the rest of my life, so why waste any time subjecting myself to it at the time?

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wow what a rip off.

"Authorised Ticket Resellers" 

even more of a rip off

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Those lucky enough to score the best seats for the showcase men's 100m final will pay 130,000 yen

I went to the Beijing games in 2008 and sat at the finish line of the 100m final with Usain Bolt rising to fame. I paid less than 5000yen for those tickets and some of the cheapest events I saw were less than 1000yen. I want to go to the Tokyo Olympics and take my kids so they can also have a memorable experience but I don't want to break the bank.

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Horrible system! I just want to watch any of the matches, especially things like football or rugby, but you have to register for tickets for every single match, and some sports have 50 or more! There should be an option to say "I'd like a single ticket for any of the rugby matches", but as it is you have to search for the sport, click on each match (you can't open it in a new window for some reason), put in a bid to reserve the seat, then start again from scratch while the site is very slow and often times out, losing progress. It'll take forever and I don't necessarily want to win tickets for 20 matches, but do I just aim for the medal games which will have much higher competition, or just select a few random matches and hope that by luck I get one? What a nuisance!

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while the site is very slow and often times out, losing progress

The problem is everyone either doesn't seem to know that you can register any time this month and have equal chance to get tickets. That or people treat it like pachinko, if you line up early, you will get lucky.

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When I worked with Americans, I found they did not wear underwears and put on shirts directly on their bodies. Is that the way they do so in America or did they do it because Japanese summer is too hot? Some came to work with knee pants. Enjoy unbearably muggy climate of Tokyo during the Olympics in 2020.

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I just registered online, got put in a queue;

"Number of users in line ahead of you: 136,527

Your estimated wait time is: 54 minutes"

Guess I'll come back later!

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I registered on time and so spent an hour tonight in an online queue of over 7000 people. Finally, after an hour waiting, I reached the front of the online queue. There were options as to what events I am interested in. I clicked on them. That was it. Could choose evening or afternoon. No dates available. There were two links available from the opening ceremony option. One explaining the venue and the other its location. And that was it. I then got logged out and couldn't reconnect. So I have no idea if I have been successful or not. I guess the system has crashed.

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