Olympics set to tackle flag football at Los Angeles Olympics in 2028


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What is flag football? And who plays it?

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What is flag football? And who plays it?

It's the non-violent version of the American Football, where the player with the ball is stopped by pulling the flag attached to the side of the player and not by tackling, and is played without the body protection.

US middle and high school students play it as Physical Education class instead of full contact American Football.

This is why NFL players are eager to play this and win Gold like NBA players at the Olympics.

Sadly, MLB continues to refuse to release its Major League players to play in the Olympics so Ohtani won't be representing Team Japan in 2028.

Also Karate once again failed to make it into the Olympics, so Karate won't return to the Olympics until Japan hosts another one.

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@Samit Basu--you are right that baseball and softball are out for the next Olympics, but got the year wrong: Paris 2024

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Continued--MLB had no problem with Ohtani and many other players doing the WBC six months ago, but I agree with your gist that in the absence of a lobbying push by MLB, baseball will not be played at LA 2028.

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cricket will be a steep learning curve. It is almost a complete mystery in the United States. Bringing a sport with no roots in America

The first ever international cricket match took place between the US and Canada (rather, the British Empire's Canadian province) in 1844 in Manhattan.

This was 3 decades before the first ever test match between England and Australia.

The gentleman's game was big in the US once upon a time but was slowly forgotten.

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I think hard core NFL fans will accept this but I don't think the current NFL players will participate in flag football, but what I think you will see is some recent retired NFL stars signing up. Perhaps Tom Brady etc to add to his trophy case.

“There are going to be hardcore NFL gridiron consumers who are not going to accept it,” she said. “But you have to recognize the fact that the danger of gridiron play is a talking point. It's not popular. If there's a play that could change things, this is it. Give them kudos for trying.”

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They'd better work hard to make LA fit for human life between now and then. Because I was just in downtown LA and it's like witnessing the end of the world.

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