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Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao weigh in for megafight


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the time will run out soon :)

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Go get 'im Manny !

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I really hope pacman wins.

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Few sports can have such a sudden ending or an ending where the participant can come from behind to win like boxing and that makes it an exciting but unfortunately a very dangerous sport. Research indicates that 80 to 90 percent of professional boxers will suffer some form of lasting brain injury. In most cases the problems are apparently mild but nearly 25 percent will face severe potentially debilitating brain damage. Studies have produced evidence that repeated blows to an unprotected head slowly causes deterioration of brain cells and health. So when a fighter dies after a fight or develops dementia well after retiring, it is typically considered to be the result of the long term effects of routine beatings. Like much of life, sports is largely a matter of risk-benefit analysis. Sometimes people engage in potentially harmful behavior because they believe the payoff justifies the price. For Manny and Floyd the rewards boxing continues to be very bountiful. Best of luck to the two great fighters and I hope they have a good clean fight.

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It'll be a busy day. NFL Draft, NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, MLB rivalry games, World Golf Championships, and Avengers: Age of Ultron opening weekend. And all that even before the boxing match.

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Near MGM. there were quite many women who were protesting Mayweather. NOW is the name of the organization that help abused women.

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The price for WOWOW for four months is equivalent to ordering the fight for a one time viewing in the U.S.

I hope Pacquaio wins. I wouldn't be surprised though if Floyd does his usual bobbing and ducking to win in 12 rounds. Pacquaio is much more fun to watch.

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Hope it lives up to its hype. I'll be watching it at a sports bar here in town -- only a $10.00 cover. Cheering for Manny, since I have adopted Filipino "family". Besides, as good a technical fighter as Mayweather is, I just cannot root for a guy who beats women.

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But never get a seat near ring Often blood splash on your clothes.

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Let's hope Mayweather drops Manny like a bad habit-

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There are many Filipino doctors in this area (Clark County) beside other professionals. So, we tend to appaus ans yell and support Fillipinos.

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