Sumo world floored by wrestler's death, tournament cancelation


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I am speaking out of my profession here, I know, but I think I see an opportunity here.

Why not have the tournament at the new Olympic Stadium that is just sitting there not being used?

The allowances the stadium would offer in regards to physical distancing, open air, are sound if the crowd is sufficiently limited below actual capacity.

The higher volume($$$) of customers that would go. Demand for tickets are always high, and probably higher now because of people looking for an outlet after being for people cooped up for the past weeks.

(Look at the NHL stadium series, and WWE matches held outdoors in the US and Canada as a reference.)

The Olympic Committee, local municipality, and TV infrastructure, gets a test run on the facility.

And market it as a reopening and celebration of Japan and its people!

Japan and its people have weathered through, are still here, strong, ready to pull up our sleeves and get back to work!

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A Clarke: "Why not have the tournament at the new Olympic Stadium that is just sitting there not being used?"

Because the JSA allowed, once again, a person to die on their watch and they need to be held accountable, even if that means taking away the beloved Sumoooooh tournaments. And honestly, the JSA should be disbanded permanently, and until it is there should be no more tournaments. They are constantly engaged in money scandals, allow beatings and murder, and don't give one wit if they're athletes die in horrid conditions, and THEN milk the deaths for the sake of the sport!

This should be the nail in the coffin.

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