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Urawa Reds
Image: 夏夫/Pixta

Urawa banned from next Emperor's Cup over fan violence


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Ban them for life, not just an indefinite ban, and stop Urawa from being able to play for the next three years. They've always had the most racist and vile fans of the entire J-league, and nothing they have done to present has stopped it. So, cut it off at the head.

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Stewart Gale

Reds have the best attendance for home and away games. There fans are the loudest. And they are the most passionate.

I don't like Reds but if I was to recommend a game to go to it would be them, not for what's on the pitch but for the atmosphere off it.

And, English fans are extremely knowledgeable and the football is the best in the world. But the atmosphere at grounds in the premier league is quiet nowadays compared to Germany, Italy or even many games here in Japan.

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why do soccer fans riot?

my only theory is the game is so boring they get restless.

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ha ha, Urawa is a sleepy little bedroom town not the Bronx.

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Saitama Shi is on par with Kita Kyushu.

it’s a gangster paradise.

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Urawa reds supporters are the most racist supporters as well. They assaulted foreign supporters at a game a few years ago.

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How do you define “the best fans in Japan”?

Just about every fanbase in Britain thinks they are the “best fans”.

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Reds fans are the best in Japan. I say this even though I am a die hard San frecce fan

Check put the awesome displays before the asian cup final on youtube

That said a small group of black t shifted fans are basically thugs

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The fans cause trouble and the club gets fined?

That’s logic?

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As a Reds fan, I am appalled at this behaviour by a small minority of fans. Ban them for life if violence has been committed.

english hooligans would gush at how cute japanese riot.

There is nothing "cute" about fan violence - even if the perpetrators are Japanese. It may not be on the level of the Euro 2021 final and the incidents of Italian fans being chased and set upon, but ALL violence is despicable.

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The Japan Football Association has banned Urawa Reds from next season's Emperor's Cup

Gotta hand it to the JFA, when they they decide to consequence a club they do not mess about.

The Reds also got hit hard a few years ago when their fans put up a 'Japanese Only' sign at the entrance to one of the stands.

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english hooligans would gush at how cute japanese riot.

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