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Formula One to launch new racing series for women


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If you're going to come up with silly ideas why not go the whole hog and have an Indigenous people's series?

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This may not be a popular point of view, but I do not see the point of Formula One racing. That is an awful lot of fuel and rubber that is needlessly dumped into our atmosphere.

As for having women race, why not just allow them to compete alongside men? Is there something about racing in a motorized vehicle that gives men's physical strength an unfair advantage over women? I am retired now, but I remember seeing women drive tractor trailer rigs just as well as their male counterparts, back in the days when tractors did not have power assisted steering.

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Agree with 1glenn. Building a ghetto is not a solution. And Fn should be EV only.

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And why don't they put both genders together to compete together??..

Fear that women can beat the little "alpha males" of the f1 mafia??..

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*"Together to compete together"

Damn keyboard, LOOOOL !!..

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