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Full crowds, rule tweaks and Dan Carter as Super Rugby returns in New Zealand


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Nice to see some normalcy. Way to go New Zealand!!!!!!

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If you haven't seen it yet, watch the speech Jacinda Ardern gave to her country when she announced the lock down. It's interesting to note, that standing next to her was her finance minister who outlined how businesses would be closed but also how important it was for all New Zealanders to maintain income. When I saw this as everything was closing down around the world, her address was an inspiration and showed me that not all leaders were incompetent and bumbling fools. The world would do itself a big favor to listen to Ardern and Taiwan's Tsai ing-Wen on how they guided their country through this pandemic. Not counting eggs yet, but still, good news.

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...where student fans in "The Zoo" section of the ground...

Sounds healthy.

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In the days before the internet, Trump could have used the inability to easily see other leaders actions in real time to pretend he did a good job.

He still pretended, but Americans now have the ability to see competence in real time - like Adern has done her entire term - and they can see how their own leader has miserably failed in his response.

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It looks as if this will spell the end of Super Rugby. Japan’s team will be dumped. Australians aren’t interested in it and South Africa is joining Europe.

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The best players, the best coaches and the best refs... perfect!

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Good on them. Putting all this virus nonsense behind them

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