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Gauff defeats Sabalenka to win U.S. Open

By Rob Woollard

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Spectacular win.

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True, a wonderful performance against the odds. Both of them were making too many unforced errors. Congratulations to Coco. She deserves it.

Sabalenka is good though, no getting around it. Very good. She deserves her World No.1 spot from tomorrow.

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Hats off to Coco! Phenomenal achievement for a teenager.

At just 19, and possessing sublime stroke play, tenacity and skills, it is clear Ms Gauff will win many more Majors.

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Hearty congratulations to champion American teenager Coco Gauff.

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Gauff, the third American teenager to win the US Open after Tracy Austin and Serena Williams

So it's not Alcaraz but the other youngster to win the US Open

Congrats to Gauff! She's certainly grown up in height and stature. She's been the hottest this summer, going 18-1 while winning big tournaments in Wash DC and Cincinnati along the way

And what a rare comeback - she's only the 3rd champion in 3 decades to win the US Open after losing the 1st set. She'll now rise to #3 world ranking (Runner-up Sabalenka rises to #1)

(But let's not be so quick to queen youngsters as the next dominant force just because they look appealing, like people did with Raducanu)

There's a video going viral of then 8-yr-old Gauff dancing at the US Open Ashe Stadium, presumably to watch her idol Serena's match


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Well done Coco!!

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Coco came through, but she still looks frail.

I am sure that as she grows in strength and experience she will be a really potent force. Wishing her luck and support so she can finally prove the doubters wrong.

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And apparently a much more positive attitude than you-know-who.

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