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George Foreman challenges Steven Seagal to 10-round fight


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Oh please! Have you seen Steven Segal lately? To say that he's put on a little weight, is an understatement. Ever since he got Russian Citizenship from Vladimir Putin , it's been diet? nyet. As for George, he's huge I suspect ,as well. At least in Japan, Sumo wrestlers are trained athletes. These guys are just going to embarrass themselves. Instead , go to an "all you can eat" Buffett...winner has worst indigestion

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Bluff, surely. Neither could go even three rounds.

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Agree, boxing circus would hit a new low with a Foreman v Segal fight. And i think Segal knows he would hit the canvas in the first round.

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I'd pay good money to see this. Segal appeared on breakfast TV in the UK last week, live from Moscow and a little weird. He has, to put it kindly, let himself go. All the orange make up, boot polished hair and beard and tightly buttoned jackets make him look like a Bond villian that's gone off.

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I'd watch it for the entertainment value alone -- and the entertainment being them TRYING to fight... I suspect it would be a whole lot of stretching, followed by aches and groans, and heavy breathing/gasping for breath, before they even climbed the ropes to get in the ring. Neither of them is in any shape to fight, frankly. Foreman would win if Segall were to try and keep it to boxing, but if the latter could pull off any of his old martial arts training I don't see how a boxer would win save a lucky punch.

Again, though... it would be amusing.

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Segal might give him a run for his money, look at his dance moves in Russia!


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Ever since that Mayweather vs. McGregor fight event, everybody wants to step into the ring for monies, lol

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