Germany, U.S. set up semifinal clash at Women's World Cup


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A fabulous game ! Hate it had to end in a PK shoot-out, though 1

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Germany. Penalties. They win.

Great game.

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And ultimately, Germany v. Japan? Dream teams!

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Or German vs US or Japan vs US Dream teams!!!

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I can't believe that French lady missed that goal....

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How come Germany and the U.S., which are the top two teams in the FIFA rankings, are in the same half of the draw and now must meet in the semifinal instead of the final? Does anyone know?

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Best game so far for U.S. W.N.T. They dominate the game and China players go home without cashing on $250K/each as promised by communist government. U.S team breaks out about the right time for the next match (es). How about U.S Vs. Japan on the final!

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Germany vs France or Willpower vs Beauty... what a game! I was biting my nails during the penalty shootout but in the end we could rely on Germany always winning the penalties. Even through the most rose-tinted patriotic glasses I couldn't wholeheartedly admit that we actually deserved to win.

Anyways it was thrilling and one step further to my dream final. See you in Montreal, Japan!

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And ultimately, Germany v. Japan? Dream teams!

Australia might have something to say about that

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Lady Luck struck on the final ball, for Germany, when it bounced off Nadine Angerer's knee.

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Australia might have something to say about that.

Emphasis on the "might," mate!

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Watch the host team's game against England before calling anything a 'dream' match for the final..

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Tough loss for the French, but a good game and congrats to Germany. The US, too. and no shame for China, who got quite far.

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That's futbol - even if ya get outplayed, ya can still win the game. Good for Germany.

Only US has reached semifinals in every World Cup and Olympics, so whenever it's those major tournaments, pencil in the US in the semifinals.

US has 11-game unbeaten streak against Germany (6 wins, 5 draws). Better for them to play top-ranked Germany where they have nothing to lose (as opposed to 3rd-rank France who then would be the one with nothing to lose).

In all 3 times US-Germany met in the World Cup (all during knockout round), the winner of the match went on to win the Cup each time. So expect winner of this match to hoist the trophy in the end.

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History is interesting, but I'm worried what will happen if the U.S. falls behind 0-1 or 0-2 and has to rely on our offense to win the game.

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