Germany clicks at Euro 2020 with 4-2 win over Portugal


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Portugal just couldn't stop scoring goals!

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Indeed, those 2 own-goal were unfortunate.

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Indeed, those 2 own-goal were unfortunate.

Yep, by this count, Portugal has already scored whopping 7 goals; 2 for their opponents! lol

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Kimmich and Gosens had an absolute field day, no idea why Fernando Santos didn't change tactics or shape. All three games yesterday were highly entertaining. More of this please.

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Germany, France, Portugal, that’s a crazy group

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The Luso-Germano football encounters are often thrillers of the highest order. Os Navegadores and Die Mannschaft, when pitted against each other, seldom disappoint connoisseurs of the Beautiful Game. Their passing, shooting, heading, dribbling, and all court play, make the Germans and the Portuguese hot favorites to go far in EURO 2020. All the best.

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Incredibly frustrating for the Portuguese to have a better team and still not being able to beat the Germans. For a number of reasons, starting with the coach. I believe they also have an inferiority complex when playing against Germany.

For those of us who love to watch football, it’s unfortunate that this Portuguese team has more than enough talent to produce spectacular plays and memorable matches but because of Fernando Santos, their true potential is stuck in a limbo.

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