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Giants blank Pirates 8-0 to advance in playoffs


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Bumgarner was simply lights out tonight!

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Oct 3 - Oct 9 Giants vs National and Nationla vs Giants etc. As Harper is healthy, they are tough for Giants, 5:07 Eastern PM by FS

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An article in the Washington Post yesterday evaluated which of these two teams would be "better" for the Nationals to face. I forget the reasoning, but the article determined the Giants would be better for the Nationals to face. Now we get to see how accurate that article turned out to be.

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If Ginats flip flap just like it did with Dodgers, National with Zimmerman and Harper has no problem facing ginants. 10/3 and 10//4, National has advantage on home tariff. How Harper will play may decide if National will win games.

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Harper and Strasburg haven't been the dominating forces for the team. In terms of impact on team wins this year, Zimmerman has been a bigger force. Once opposing teams had compiled a "book" on how to pitch to Harper, his bats have quieted noticeably.

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My guess is National will win without 5th game is this is just my guess. And I guess Orioles will win sithout 6th game against Tiger and my guess may be wrong.Angels? I hope freeway WS but don'y lnow if Dodgers can win against Nationla or /angels win against Orioles.

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