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Global warming casts cloud over Winter Olympics future

By Coralie FEBVRE

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Why not have Tokyo host a Winter Olympics?

Tokyo has all that new infrastructure created for the 2020/2021 games. Since the city did not get much benefit from those games, perhaps it should launch a “low-cost, for-profit bid.” If we can virtually guarantee a profit, I would support a bid. But only if a profit would be nearly certain.

Los Angeles is the only host city that realized a profit from the games, mostly because the required infrastructure already existed, according to “The Economics of Hosting the Olympic Games” by the Council on Foreign Relations.

What about the weather? Sochi was the warmest city to have hosted a Winter Olympic Games, with overnight low temperatures of 4 C on average in February, and average daytime highs of 10 C. Tokyo’s February low/high averages are 2 C and 11 C, respectively. Like in Sochi, skiing and other outdoor events could be placed at higher elevations outside the city — Nagano perhaps.

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"Inclusive?" How have they not been inclusive in the past?

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"Inclusive?" How have they not been inclusive in the past?

Some recent "games" were plagued by the host country demanding athletes not speak on anything political about the host country. Plus, the host country didn't seem to care about the citizenship of people competing for them.

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