After 100-day wait, English soccer returns and takes a knee


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So we are back with black live matter shirts and we at Liverpool can finish our great season. Hopefully next season will also see the return of the fans.

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Never take a knee.

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My team are in the PL but I hate the league, it's run by idiots. You used to be able to go to/watch football as an escape from all the other crap going on in the world but the PL want to rub it all in your face these days. Enough of the tributes all the time, get on with the football.

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These days, there are many black players from many nations and they too frequently experience racism and discrimination.

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The PL should support their Kick It Out campaign instead. BLM represents one race - not very inclusive. Yet Kick It Out represents all manner of anti-racism.

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Football is indeed massively racist. Black players few and far between. Black players get paid peanuts. 

Fans are all overtly racist. Even referees discriminate against black players.

Taking a knee is a major step to fixing this and eradicating the blatant racism in the sport.

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Football is indeed massively racist. Black players few and far between. Black players get paid peanuts.

How about Gaikokujins living in Japan they are paid peanuts too and no bonuses compared to Japanese counterparts. However I don't see any Japanese taking knee.

Never take a knee.

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Black players few and far between. Black players get paid peanuts. 

Citation needed

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Kaerimashita obviously doesn't follow football. And this thread is about the premier league. In fact that post is wrong on all accounts. There are a far higher proportion of players from the black community in professional football than the population proportion. Only the racist Italians and Russians have cases of referees discriminating. Nowhere else, especially not the premier league. And to call all fans racist? Players from the black community are paid the same as any other player. Peanuts?

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Black players few and far between

No, not at all.

Black managers are few and far between.

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Anyway, on the subject of the games themselves, what a farce with Villa and Sheff U with the ‘technology’.

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Kneel to God.

Take a knee to the woman you are asking to commit her life to you.

But never to anyone or anything else under Heaven.

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ALL LIVES MATTER not just one sector of the human race.

Glad football is back, just hope for the time fans can again enter the stadiums.

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Kneel to God.

Which one? Neville Southall?

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Black players get paid peanuts.

Ever heard of Mbappe, Lukaku, Pogba, Sterling... i could go on for a month.....

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They're doing peaceful protest, and there's no American anthem

No problem

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Watched the highlights of Man City and Arsenal.Without any fans,it was dry as ... . Looked more like a friendly training session game.

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The joy of watching Liverpool is the singing and roars of the fans and supporters. The loudest in the world. Players use all sorts of bad words at each other. Now there is silence they must be aware we can heard them.

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Planet is changing for the better. Footballers will not like to be left far behind. Like their die-hard fans, footballers too would like to contribute to making the world a better place for humanity. Long live the Beautiful Game.

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Ironically, when I see the players doing this, is sort of looks like the symbol of the Nazi Swastika - which some within the BLM movement, appear to have forgotten about, when it comes to their recent Historical recollections relating to Wartime leaders.

Symbolism doesn't belong in Sport, as soon as it happens, then the Sport itself, no longer becomes apolitical/or a-whatever.

English Soccer needs to take a closer look at this, and question whether they can, in future ban any player for showing a symbolistic gesture. And similarly, if they now allow it, then they should wipe the slate clean for those who did so in the past.

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