Gold medalist quits judo for mixed martial arts


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Good call Ishii, go for the paycheck! You did your for the love of the sport apprenticeship, now go for the real gold.

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Mixed martial arts? Does that mean men vs women?

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Good Luck! MMA is becoming accessible to more athletes (instead of only boxers) and is proving to be a lot more exciting. Good Move!

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I've been watching Professional Wrestling since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Now I'm enjoying the hell out of MMA.

I still watch Pro Wrestling, but MMA has become a new and exciting fighting venue.

Hope to see Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii in the future. < :-)

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NOOOO i wanted satoshi to go to london 2012!!!!!

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well, he has the brains for it - or lack thereof.

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Miscegenation of the martial arts is a sin against nature.

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MMA is the field where a lot of athletes from a wide range of disciples are going to test themselves against the cream of the athletic crop from around the world.

I say good for him, he's already achieved amazing feats in judo, this is his career progression.

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As a coward and a weakling,I'd like to express my opinion about this. He's made a mistake and will destroy his reputation.

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