Golf prepares for major pitch to Olympic leaders


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I would rather see softball re-instated, before including golf.

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It's got a chance I suppose, having good coverage and TV audiences worldwide. Although I'm not sure of its chances really. I'm still hoping kabaddi (sp?) will be included one of these times...

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The global appeal enjoyed by golf has been rising for the last 10 years. An example is the explosion of its popularity in China. Mission Hills Golf Club, Shenzhen China is merely an example of the appeal of golf within that country. The depth of the fileds is such that even countries such as Fiji with Vijay Singh and Ireland with Padraig Harrington can aim for the gold. Whilst Woods will always loom large, many countries stand a fair chance of medals in this sport.

Definetely more appealing that softball and one that can add a lot of star power to the Olympic movement.

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another sleepfest, no thanks. would prefer to see 7 aside rugby or ultimate or some other sport that actually can stimulate blood flow.

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Since "race-walking" is allowed to be a sport in the Olympics, then I guess I have to say, why not golf. Race-walking has to be the most boring of all Olympic sports. At least with golf, there is a possibility to have some highlights: a hole-in-one, a long putt for a birdie, an excellent drive out of a sandtrap, etc. With race-walking, .....?

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If this gets in, I want to see Paper-Rock-Scissors get in next.

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The Olympics are all about being able to run faster or throwing something further than the other guy.

Olympic golf should be all about who can smack the ball furthest - none of this girly chipping and putting crap.

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