Golf rankings risk being laughing stock if LIV excluded: Norman


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The only thing more boring than playing golf is watching someone else doing it.

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No, Greg Normal is at risk of being a laughingstock. Oh, wait. He already is.

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Is Saudi Arabia a boycotted country or are some things they sponsor or produce OK and others are not? Are human rights violations OK if you need the product but an anathema if it is only entertainment? A conundrum indeed.

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Greg Norman and LIV is the laughing stock. The Saudis are just throwing money at this project to buy a better reputation. This is a rebranding project.

Some mid tier and lower players benefit with better pay, but let's not think that LIV is at the same level as the PGA.

How is that lawsuit going? How many payers dropped out of the lawsuit so far?

LIV = (Saudis, trump, and Norman) = despot joke

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The only thing more boring than playing golf is watching someone else doing it.

You play golf to talk, relax, enjoy the greenery with friends/business partners, no one is actually interested in competition, like fishing. But I agree, guess I'd doze off within 3 min or less if watching people playing on tv

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Greg "the choker" Norman is the real laughing stock.

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Why isn’t there as much uproar about the World Cup in Qatar ?? Their human rights record seems to be irrelevant to certain circles.

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I saw that the phone spell-checker had changed "Norman" to "Normal" but I just hit send anyway because I thought it was an apt comment on how it's "Normal" for "Norman" to be a laughing stock.

Enjoy that bone saw blood money, Greg. Cause you are never going to walk among members of polite society, at least polite golf society again.

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They can be awarded points, but it'd be reduced points when there are no cuts and only 3 rounds

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Why would it make him a laughing stock?

Biden went to Saudi did it make him a laughing stock?

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