Golovkin beats Murata to become unified middleweight champ


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Golovkin is one of the greatest middleweight ever.

Hopefully he will get a 3rd fight with Canelo but at the age of 40 seems tough.

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Good fight and the undercard was really entertaining too! Respect to both fighters. As Monty very rightly points out, 40 is tough for a middleweight. Murata is 5 years younger and still has a lot of good fights in front of him. Can Canelo drop down to middleweight??? He is nearly 8 kgs heavier than 3g now so maybe a catch weight bout?

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Golovkin "was" one of the all time greats pound for pound but last night father time caught up. The hand and foot speed are not there. Murata has a great chin but has been an over-rated protected fighter getting easy bouts. He had 19 fights in 11 years! The fight against Canelo would be for the money so super middleweight wouldn't be a problem. Sadly the Golovkin of last night will get a battering unlike the first two fight which he won.

Murata will quit in the next week. He's done.

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Not impressed with either fighter.

Murata is an overrated one trick pony, trying constantly to only throw the overhand right, but with no juice on it. Surprised at how little skill or even muscle that he had. Golovkin doesn;t get good leverage on his shots, and is vulnerable to the body. Overall, the result was fair, but I think Canelo will easily take out Golovkin probably with body shots. As for Murata, he is better off to retire before he gets hurt.

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Arrgh! I completely forgot about this fight. Wanted to see that whipping live. My guy Triple-G got jobbed by the judges against Canelo but made sure it wouldn't happen here.

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