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Greece hands over Olympic flame to Beijing 2022 hosts


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You wanna stop China. Easy. Don't buy anything made in China, I dare you

If everyone in the US stopped buying goods from China, China would lose 1% of its GDP. Significant, but inconsequential.

3% of China’s GDP is exports to the US. That is how much China is dependent on the US, 3%.

Here is the breakdown: Exports make up 18.5% of China’s GDP, exports to the US is 17% of the total exports. The US portion is 3.15% of China’s GDP (0.17x18.5)

70% of Chinese exports are industrial goods, 30% of Chinese exports are consumer goods - things like belts that hold up our pants and other goods consumers buy - that is 1% of China’s GDP (0.30x3.15%)

Chinese goods make up merely 1% of China’s GDP, that the the combined American purchases of Chinese goods is 1%.

Now what about the 70% of industrial goods, can we maybe try and boycott some of that? You can but you’d be reducing your industrial output and putting people out of work.

The way to stop China isn’t through the boycotting of consumer goods. It is through dividing the people of China and getting them to turn against the CPC; for example, Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, Xinjiang and so on but only they’re too small. You’d have to get them to unite with an opposition in China proper and then try and overthrow the central government. The recent successful case would be the Communists overthrowing the Nationalists.

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If international sporting events are good enough for Russia, Japan and Qatar, then it's good enough for China.

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When I see boycott China mentioned by posters in these forums I often asked who among us are actually doing it.

I only got 2 hands up so far even though pretty much everyone agrees that we should

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You wanna stop China. Easy. Don't buy anything made in China, I dare you

I needed to buy a new belt last week. Went to three stores, all of the belts sold in all three were made in China.

So that sort of logic forces me into an awkward decision: do I want to stop China, or do I want to stop my pants from falling down?

This dilemma is repeated throughout pretty much every class of consumer product that we need on a daily basis. The world economy is designed in such a way that China is the only country where you can't register your disapproval of its government by refusing to buy its products because doing so will make your life impossible in so many ways (like pants falling down - or even having pants to begin with come to think of it....)

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I wonder if people felt this way before the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin? Is this the squall before the storm.

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You wanna stop China. Easy. Don't buy anything made in China, I dare you

Good luck with that!

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You wanna stop China. Easy. Don't buy anything made in China, I dare you

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They can host the games, just don’t attend, problem solved.

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