Gurriel issued five-game ban, but not in World Series


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Astro won again. Saturday and Sunday's games are exciting. Maeda is on rescuing mission. I don't think Darkish could care less about gesture. He is a tall Iranian and if Maeda didn't notice, the gesture might not be considered Japanese by we Japanese. I thoghtbhe was gesturing he had beaten Dodgers by his homer.

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After a performance Yu Darvish would rather forget, it is amazing his social media accounts didn't also contain anger. Yu Darvish is a man.  

Yuli Gurriel, not so much.

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This is Bs Yuli should not be allowed to play in the world series. He has a juvenile attitude and should be punished like one. Yu was very mature in expressing his displeasure of Yuli's juvenile actions as any man would.

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Darkish is the auto correct for Darvish, Toshiko? May wanna turn that function off lest it adds racial overtones to your comments. And what is the Maeda angle here?

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What about the 18,271,225 Asian Americans (as of 2011) insulted by Gurriel?

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I don't think Darkish could care less about gesture. He is a tall Iranian

He is also half-Japanese. His mother is Japanese. I'm sure while growing up from newborn in Japan, he didn't like to be considered a gaijin when he is very much Japanese.

I just can't believe Gurriel would play an entire year in Japan and then do something like this. He deserves to be banned at least one game of the World Series. However, people will then be whining how the Dodgers forged the decision because they have all of the money.

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This guy should get a lifetime ban.

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@dadude, i know, there is no way he was doing his slanty eyed minstrel show while on the Baystars payroll. Guess he did it to impress some teammates without realizing the scrutiny of the world would be on him. Will the loss of a quarter million in salary to start 2018 teach him his lesson?

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Gurriel knew exactly what he was doing. He played in Japan. Hats off to Darvish who showed much class

If this was done to a black or hispanic player by a white player, you could bet they would be going nuts.

Darvish's response speaks volumes. Good on him!

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Dodgers won on Saturday. Kershaw will be pitching on Sunday. Even now. About Maeda,,, heis a Japanese, too.

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This is sport section. And Japan is different country. In Japan, if your father is not Japanese, the person will grow as a foreigner. That is why I think Dervish couldn't care less what an Astro homer made that gesture.

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Both Darvish and Gurriel have known what's it like to be regarded (beneath) as a foreigner in different countries, by appearance and heritage. Darvish has known this all his life from birth. It is sad to see Gurriel succumb to his home culture's regard of Asians (remembering the Spanish basketball team's stunt before the Beijing Olympics). Darvish knows with *whom*** **he will be fully accepted, not just with people who aspire to an ideal, but those experience the same treatment. Applause to him.

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Don't know how many of you realize that the Dodger's manager - Dave Roberts, is half Japanese himself. He was born in Okinawa to an African American father and a Japanese mother.

As for Gurriel, it is not surprising that he did what he did - look at the guy. Many Latins are just like him here in the US.

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Manfred also justified not banning Gurriel for the World Series because he wanted a loss of salary involved and because Gurriel, who could play while appealing any suspension under Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement with its players union, would not appeal this move.

Even if Gurriel gets a ban in the World Series, he would had appealed - and by the time the appeal is over, he would had already played the whole World Series

And World Series ban would not mean loss of salary. Salaries are paid in whole throughout the season - playoffs are bonus money, whose portions are decided by teammates themselves

Gurriel agreed not to appeal the 5-game ban next season

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Quote: "for a racist gesture"...

He also called Yu a derogatory Spanish slang word for Chinese, within clear hearing of those around him.

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As per usual, a white man in power giving a token penalty to something he is not really offended by.I notice people who are supportive of trump on here, are not expressing their disgust, despite living in Japan. The thing is those same people have no love for Gurriel either and nor would trump.

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