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Gymnastics gold medalist Uchimura spooked by 'stalker'


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Funny bit is this is this a few million guys dream here. Ironic given the mass marketing... and those man or cop touches, films and harasses schoolgirl stories.

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There must be more to the story than a simple bike chase. The girl might have simply wanted to see and talk with someone who has obviously captured the hearts and imagination of the people.

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What else could one possibly do in such a situation?

Indeed, had he stopped and tried to get hold of her, especially with the kind of strength he has, it could have turned very nasty... and he would have been the one "in the wrong".

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I heard stories of how crazy Japanese fangirls can be... this isn't that bad really, but if he let's this goes on, then things can get alot worse. they'll try to do even more and most possibly, other fans will try to top one another.

an example, google story of Johnny's Entertainment fangirls. btw, fanboys can also be just as crazy or creepy. but it's not just Japanese fans, however.

for Uchimura, his newfound fame and Olympic achievements will be hard to get used to, as he gain even more fame than before, the stalking, even more. and it's hard to distinguish between a over-zealous fan and one who is obsessed, borderline psychotic.

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he's afraid of a schoolgirl? the men in this country need to grow a few cajones.

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Every mans dream......

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"I ran in my house and hid"??? From a school girl?? Just tell her not to come around your house anymore. If he was a man she probably would get the picture and leave. If she stalking then there are other ways to take care of that. Hiding in your house is not one of them. Man, she knows where you live. These dudes out here are like little girls..

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He has misused the word. I'm sure it's scary to be chased, but for her to be a stalker, wouldn't this have to be a regular, even daily ocurrence?

It's like kids yelling "sekuhara!" when you pat them on the shoulder (male adults, too, use the phrase too lightly). It makes light of a very serious problem.

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What rikyvee said! This story is so hilarious in more ways than one. The more that Japanese men act like women, the more they become women. Wow, BIG BAD SCHOOL GIRL GONNA GETCHYA!!!! (bikurishita!)

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What is a little girl on a bike going to do?

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Keep it moderate, the athletes are not idols!

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While I can sympathize with him, perhaps the locals should focus on the men and women who deal with this all the time from some sicko and get zero support from the cops?! Jason has a huge issue. If it takes hm bringing to attention, great but let's not forget the commoners who get stalked and forgotten about.

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Stalking is no joke. It can get out of hand very quickly and truly bad things can happen. The fact that he is male, older, and stronger than his stalker doesn't matter. It could get ugly and he's right to try to protect himself.

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She must not have been cute!

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Last I checked, a fit, well trained, even muscular I assume, young Olympian should not have any fear of a little girl on a bicycle. Generally there are no guns here in Japan, and she probably just wanted an autograph, or a hug.

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Dont go riding on top of a bus waiving to them and then turn them away when they come to you one on one

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The problem with everyone saying that he should be able to handle this by himself is that if this continues and escalates, then if there is an incident or altercation between them HE will be the one who is vilified by the press. He did the right thing to protect himself not only physically but legally and morally as well. This means that there's no lawsuit or criminal charges against him. Good move (even if he didn't need to say that he ran home and hid...)

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