Gymnast wants punishment of violent coach to be less severe


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Miyakawa is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Tsukahara is a vulture looking to pick the bones clean.

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I am beginning to think that they were sexually involved!!

She seems really defensive of this creep, I was surprised when she apologized for causing trouble when they coach was the one who was abusive.

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I agree with Miyakawa. A lifetime ban is way too harsh.

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It sounds like there are various kinds of nastiness going on here, but yeah, public funds for a training center and coaching should not be there for coaches who hit kids. I'm sure most people would not want their taxes spent on that. The offences start in 2013. She was 13 at the time.

As for the athlete, surprising as it may seem, some things are more important than whether an individual makes the team or the podium in 2020.

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