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Hamilton and Mercedes hoping for return to form at French GP


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Hamilton won from pole in 2018 and 2019 and, without a race last year, he can reboot Mercedes' season with a third straight triumph in the Provencal sunshine and hope team-mate Valtteri Bottas also has a change of fortune.

No F1 enthusiast, anywhere, wants to see this. This has killed the sport over the last 9 seasons, with 50% of viewership lost because of the "2 tier" racing, Mercedes in actual F1 cars, everyone else in F1.5s. Verstappen said it himself that he would win everything if he had Hamilton's car. This blindingly obvious fact is why people are sick of seeing Mercedes win, be it Hamilton or Bottas.

Hamilton has won three races out of six this year but also appeared prone to errors under pressure as he seeks to add to his record 100 poles and 98 wins -– 77 of his triumphs at the wheel of a Mercedes car.

Again, another testiment to the GOAT F1 car. Sainz, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Kimi, Vettel, and even Russell could win everything in this car. Yet they are denied a chance because there are only 2 seats available.

So why can't the other teams compete? Because of this:

Mercedes originally made an annoucement that they would back an inline 4-cylinder turbo hybrid formula for the upcoming rule changes done as a deal with the FIA so that Mercedes would agree to enter F1 while the GFC was still in effect (to counteract Toyota and BMW leaving). They did this in deference to Ferrari who annouced they would support a V6 formula. Mercedes knew that Ferrari could veto any decision it did not like, so doubled down o nthe V6 engine. In the meantime Mercedes started working on a V6 turbo hybrid drivetrain in 2009 in expectation of the veto, almost 2 years before the V6 turbo Hybrid formula announcement was made by the FIA in 2011. This was all expected by Mercedes, and with the advantage of the extended development, started winning right from the beginning of the new rule change era. This meant that Hamilton could walk into the soon-to-be best team on the grid in 2013. He took full advantage of Schumacher's expertise in car development, making it the car to beat from 2014 - present.

Whatever remaining true F1 fans there are in the world are sick of it.

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"These have been the most difficult weeks I have known," admitted Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

What a drama queen. There are teams that go seasons without a single point. Mercedes have still got 2 solid cars (or one? wink wink). Hope they get their behinds kicked once again. Go Seb!

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Vettel supporter here too, the podium at Baku must've felt unreal for him. The only thing is I can't help but think that last season's Mercedes he's driving isn't quite as good as the RBR, which is 50hp down on the current-season Mercedes.

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Go GOAT Lewis! Put that little upstart Verstappen in his place and get the world title again!

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