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Hamilton eyes Schumacher record as F1 steps into brave new world


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Maybe he is, but despite the hyped headlines, he is not quoted anywhere in the article as saying he is going or even wanting to go after Michael's record.

That may be the mass media narrative, but his focus is surely elsewhere.

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He is a 10 times better then Michael. I really wanted to see him in the red car. Too bad.. who knows maybe 2023 . Fingers crossed.

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Would be good to see him - or anyone for that matter - racing in a real Formula 1 car instead of that hybrid rubbish that F1 has become. Too bad.

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I've been a fan of motorsports for many years from way back in the days of Dan Gurney, Richie Ginther, Jackie Stewart, and all of the greats that followed like Niki, Senna, Schumacher and now Lewis. I have to wonder though, in this day and age of the pandemic, environmental collapse, and incessant warfare, is this really where we should spend our money? Just a personal thought about re-prioritizing before it's too late...

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As a kid, I asked Jack Brabham, Jim Clark and Graham Hill to sign my autograph book when my father took me to visit the pits. I remember the first white Honda cigar-shaped cars with the red sun, and being told that these will do well in the future.

This weekend some of our questions will be answered, (starting from 6:00 pm tomorrow Friday). Here's hoping that all teams and drivers can focus on the essentials, without the press getting too involved in personal spats.

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