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Hamilton wins 100th F1 race to take lead over Verstappen


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Awesome race again! Hamilton showed his class, Max showed a future champion worth drive and Norris showed the future of F1. The rain was the saving grace for both leaders. The first truly exciting F1 season since 7 years. I still can't shake the feeling that red bull made a mistake in resigning Perez...what a waste of a good seat....imagine Norris, Russel or even gasly having that car...

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No way that Lewis was going to win that, and Max second was unthinkable, especially after that long logjam of Russell and then Danny. Gripping race full of upsets and massive flashes of potential. Really tough for Norris to end like that, but it will surely make him stronger. Funny to think that not too long ago so many were moaning about the dominance of McLaren.

Good to see Kimi finish in the points.

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Well done GOAT! Lewis showed his class yet again, and why he is the best F1 driver ever, while others couldnt handle the conditions. Lando Norris actually thought he was going to finish the race on slicks! Rookie error.

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Lando took the advice from his team that the ‘rain’ would remain simply drizzle. They will be burning the midnight oil over this.

Lewis ignored the first call to come in and change to a set of wets. Max jumped at the chance.

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Not impressed with Hamilton at all. He just has a faster car than the rest. Even verstappen coming from last place to second shows this sport is only about who had fastest car, talent is secondary

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Motor Racing

Maybe Merc are regretting supplying their engines to Aston Martin, Williams and McLaren.

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